Natural Wave’s extensive list of fountain soda products, juice concentrates, bar mixers and syrups is what makes us so unique. And everything we provide is exclusively for bar dispensers (bar guns), soda machines, juice dispensers and smoothie machines, which we install, service and maintain.

Not only do we offer great old favorites like RC Cola, Diet RC, Dr. Pepper, 7up and Squirt, we also specialize in the local and crafted brands that want a voice in the Northwest’s great restaurants.

As part of our great craft soda line up we offer Seattle Soda, Jones Soda, Thomas Kemper Root Beer, Cock n’ Bull Ginger Beer and our newest addition, Rocky Mountain Sodas. Rocky Mountain soda is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and has no artificial preservatives. And, the Rocky Mountain Oogave line up is certified organic.

Rounding out our soda lineup is our extensive juice and bar mix selection, which includes 100% Pure Juice Lemonade, Gourmet Sour Mix, Pure Juice Cranberry, 100% Orange Juice, Pineapple, Tropical Juices, Sparkling Waters and even Cooper Certified Organic Unsweetened Tea as well as Cooper Sparkling Teas.

Another recent launch for restaurants is our entry into world flavors like the popular Mexican Horchata and Jamaica and we are the only company in the Northwest offering great Asian favorites, Melon Soda and Lychee.

With such an extensive product list, customers are now able to build and tailor their own beverage program by choosing from any of these great and distinctive brands.