Healthcare & Retirement

Natural Wave carries an extensive line of natural juice concentrates, ideal for retirement and healthcare facilities. Our product line includes frozen juice concentrates, shelf stable 100% juices, tropical blends, an extensive line of sugar free juice concentrates, organic tea, and specialty products.

Just look at who we are!

  • Providing the very best available is important to us. Our Orange Juice is exclusively from Florida and California. Our Apple is 100% Washington apple juice and Natural Wave is the only company in Western Washington to offer a reduced sodium vegetable juice concentrate and a Low Carb Cranberry Juice with no added sugar. Now, facilities can offer their residents juices with absolutely NO high fructose corn syrup.
  • Natural Wave is a leader in providing the very newest in health supporting and innovative products. In fact, we have responded to the needs of our customers by adding vitamin enhanced waters and offering reduced color juices (to prevent staining) such as White Cranberry.
  • We were the first in Western Washington to provide a system for automatic dispensing of thickened water at the push of a button!!! Our systems are designed so that the thickened water can be mixed with any juice and dispensed as regular juice or thickened juice off the same dispenser. Learn More >

As retirement homes have increased in popularity, so has meeting the needs of active residents.

  • Many of the retirement facilities are now attracting residents with an active lifestyle and Natural Wave has responded to meeting their needs. Working directly with Activity Directors at these facilities, we provide beverage dispensing equipment for holidays, special events and parties.
  • We also believe that beverages should be fun. We offer juices from around the world like Passion Fruit, Passion Orange Guava, Orange Mango, Tropical Mango Water. We also have flavored teas like Peach Tea, Raspberry Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, Banana Strawberry, Sweet Tea, Pomegranate Tea and Tropical Green Tea.
  • Natural Wave distributes 3 complete lines of soda pop. It will come as no surprise that our sodas are made the old fashioned way, with pure cane sugar. We carry great local brands like Jones Soda, Thomas Kemper, Seattle Soda as well as old favorites like 7up, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper, Squirt and many more.

We are a full-service beverage company.

  • Natural Wave is well prepared to provide the very best prices on hot beverages as well. Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Lattes and Mochas all can be dispensed off the same machine at a very low cost. Our bistro machines will automatically dispense a variety of drinks on demand at the push of a button. These machines are ideal and easy to use for residents in for reading rooms, rec rooms or dining rooms.