Thickened Water and Juice off your juice dispenser

Natural Wave now has Nectar thick and Honey thick waters so that any of your juices can be dispensed automatically of your beverage gun.

Absolutely No Mixing

The water is provided in a 3 gallon bag-in-box which automatically mixes with the juices you already have on line. You dispensed any product as  “regular” or  “thickened” just by pushing a different button on the gun.

The product is also superior in other ways:

  • No waste. Only pour what you need.
  • No labor. The product mixes automatically at the push of a button.
  • No off-taste. Rather than being starch based, it uses xanthan which imparts no off-taste.
  • Consistency. Unlike starch based products that either separate of fail to hold the proper thickness, this product will retain the same viscosity.
  • Convenient. You can even fill cups the night before, put them in the fridge overnight and they will stay mixed for the breakfast the next day.
  • Better hydration. Because of its makeup it does not produce any unwanted side effects and because of its zero calories, it can be given to diabetics.


A 3 gallon box of thickened Nectar or Honey water, ready to go off your system costs $21.75 per box.
Cost per ounce is .048 (4.8 cents) and no waste !!!.

We are certain you will be as impressed with this product as we are !!!